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Blacklight - Official Trailer


Behind the Score: Part 1

Dashford Media in association with Milk Studios, Big Apple Films, and Candle Light & Grip.

Style & Genre

BLACKLIGHT is a fulfilling thriller that plays with the conventions of the genre itself. It's a dark, fun, genre-bending ride led by an incredible ensemble of character actors merging elements of crime, mystery, fantasy, horror, and tying it all together with a bow of dark humor.

The Story

Danny and Lucky are two childhood friends working as low-level muscle for an LA drug ring. After they have a falling out, Danny decides itʼs time for a life change. He moves to NYC and gets a stable job landscaping, but soon finds himself drawn back into crime.

He attempts to rob one of the houses he landscapes for and ends up forming an unusual partnership with Liam, the rich kid who lives there. Liam suggests robbing a mansion he is familiar with, however, unbeknownst to them, it is occupied by a man guarding an ancient ceremonial garment which holds immense powers.

With the help of another low-life, Kit, they break into the mansion and end up with the garment in their possession. Once its powers are known, the fighting begins, and word quickly spreads among the crime world. Meanwhile, a shadowy cult is hunting for the garment and will stop at nothing to get it.


Worlds collide, characters clash, and alliances are formed. Competition is fierce... Who will be the last one standing?





















































Meet The Team

Don Hatton

Exec. Producer / Producer

Nick Snow

Director / Writer

Zena Wood

Line Producer / Asst. Director

Corey Rutledge

Actor / Producer

Brooks Russell

Actor / Writer


Ronnie Bhardwaj

Producer / Lighting

Luis Alarcon

Director of Photography

Ryan McTear


ensemble cast

Grant Lancaster


is a British-American actor, filmmaker, and comedian. He has received training at the London Academy of Film & TV, studied at the San Francisco Comedy College and Shelton Studios in California, then completed a Master's Degree in Acting from UC Irvine

Victor Verhaeghe

"Gabe Giallo"

is a New York based actor. His recent film and TV work include:  Steven Spielberg’s “Bridge of Spies”;  recurring role in the HBO mini-series, The Night Of, starring John Turturro.  Other recent work:  The recurring role of Damien Fleming in the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire"

Victor Verhaeghe
Brooks Russell

Brooks Russell

"Liam Green"

is an actor and writer and helped develop the story for Blacklight. He performs and writes with the sketch comedy group, The Shorts Show. He is currently studying and performing improv at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater.

Corey Rutledge

Corey Rutledge

"Kit Viper"

is the creative mind and principle contributor behind the comedy sketch series, The Shorts Show. Recent acting roles include co-starring in Lifetime's "The Murder Pact" alongside Alexa Penavega; Lifetime's adaptation of Wally Lamb's Christmas novel "Wishin N' Hopin" alongside Molly Ringwald and Chevy Chase

Richard Templeton


is an actor and writer at The Peoples Improv Theater (PIT) in NYC. Rich has written and performed with SNL alum and PIT founder Ali Farahnakian on the live-sketch comedy show “Live from The PIT!” Rich was one of ten PIT performers selected to participate in a character showcase for NBC Universal.

Brad Stuart


is an actor, writer, and improviser at the People's Improv Theater in New York since 2010. He currently performs with the long running weekly improv team, Hero Complex. He served as the nationwide voice for Checkers and Rally's restaurant TV and radio commercials in 136 spots from 2013-2015

Brad Stuart
Sam Aneson

Samantha Aneson

"Hannah Hirsch"

is an NYC-based actor. She earned her Masters in Acting from UC Irvine and is singer and guitarist in the band Satin Nickel

Michael Dale

Michael Dale

"Landon Hirsch"

is the third of four brothers. he was born in North London, but grew up in Hertfordshire. He was "discovered" doing his former job of Ski Instructor on the dry slopes in Welwyn Garden City. He graces the covers of several romance novels with his former girlfriend.