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Wolfdog - Teaser


A Dashford Media production in association with Candle Light & Grip.

Style & Genre

WOLFDOG is a suspenseful drama that depicts how one woman deals with the loss of her lover while also assisting another woman in distress.


Two women cross paths along a rural road on a night that changes both of their lives.

Wolfdog - poster
Wolfdog still 5.jpeg

Meet The Team

Don Hatton

Don Hatton

Exec. Producer / Producer

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Nick Snow

Nick Snow

Director / Writer

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Samantha Aneson

is a NYC-based actor. She earned her Masters in Acting from UC Irvine and is singer and guitarist in the Anna Sun Band

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Sam Aneson

Elise Rovinsky

is a New York based actor. She was born in Gothenburg, Sweden and raised in Austin, TX. 

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Elise Rovinsky
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